Sharing without fear has been the most beneficial thing i have done in regard to my mental health. i only wish i had done it years earlier but i suppose the time was just not right. this process has given me a freedom i had only dreamt of, it has allowed me to develop trust and as such that has allowed me to be honest and that in turn has been the thing that has freed me the most. 

today i am “undeniably, unapologetically  and authentically me” by that i mean i have stepped out of the shadows that surrounded me for basically all my life, i have reached a pivotal time in my life where i have made promises to myself that are rooted in self love, self respect and a passionate pursuit of betterment. it is an amazing feeling and those who know me will undoubtedly immediately see the glaringly obvious signs of this transformation.  

my message here is this, in our times of struggle it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to see relief. we are often so consumed by the weight that we are unable to summon the strength and resilience to lift ourselves. it is at these times we are also the most reluctant to reach out. However, for not only our sake but also for those close we need to find within ourselves any strength we can,now matter how small and let that pave the way. for me the initial process of healing and getting better was by acknowledging there was a glimmer of hope, nothing more than an idea that things might get better if i worked at it. Today that glimmer is a bright light that guides my way and i embrace it daily. there is and always will be moments and times of doubt, times where i wont be sure, times where i need support but i am more confident now than i have ever been, i care about myself more today than i ever have and i have a sense of self worth and pride that paves my way forward with positivity.

be your own best friend, be your own cheerleader, love and respect yourself and above all else be kind to yourself. i had spent most of my life looking for others to offer these validations, my life has changed immeasurably in the knowledge that first and foremost these things have to come from within. 


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