“photography is the art of observation, it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”

Elliot erwitt

photography has allowed me to document and share a mostly beautiful world. The art of photography and imagery is a very personal journey for me, how i interpret my environment is seen in my images. The beauty of the lens is that no two will see the same thing. I see this life as moments, seconds and parts of seconds strung together to make time. as a photographer i have the privilege of being able to capture some of these brief passages and as such i am able to tell a story of this place and these times through imagery. The best images I have seen evoked in me an element of emotion, that we have that power through camera and lens is humbling. the one thing that all my imagery contains is a component of my vibrational energy and that is what excites and encourages me, that the images presented here are very personal AND exclusive to me. 

Photography has also served as an invaluable tool in the ongoing maintenance of my mental health.