I started with a 35mm film camera many years ago, that instilled in me the beginnings of what is a fundamental part of who I am today

As the years passed my passion for imagery has grown enormously, with my camera being a constant companion. i am entirely self taught with my lens being the narrator to my life and how I see the different aspects of this beautiful world around me. For me, photography is an evolving and ever changing love affair.

my subject matter is diverse. in nature i see an absolute beauty  that is made tenfold once examined through the lens. i see form in the abstract captures i have made that has inspired me to continue to work with light, shadow, reflection and movement and i see a stark and intriguing allure in structures and how they interact with the environment.

i truly love the honesty that can be found in photographing people, i love the mood and expression that can be captured, while feeling and emotion can be shown with vivid clarity and a split second can speak volumes. 

this has led me to experimenting with dramatic self portraits. Some of these i have taken during my most vulnerable and personal moments, reflecting genuine emotions. these have also served a therapeutic purpose, alongside other media,  allowing me to express myself at times where i am challenged with my mental health.