If you know me you will know that men’s mental health is something that is often on my mind. That there are guys out there, some of them my friends, that are suffering in silence absolutely hurts me to my heart. For some of us it is extremely hard to reach out in those times of need. We put on a brave face and try to push through, relying only on ourselves for strength, unable to be vulnerable, terrified to seem weak. When asked how we are, we lie. We say ” good thanks” or some bullshit that is as far from the truth as can be. I know this for a fact because it is my truth right now. I am struggling every day, I cry every day, I feel broken and very much alone…but to the world i would seem ok and that is the sad part for some of us that live with the darkness. We live alone with it when we shouldn’t. I cried today thinking who i could be honest with about how i feel, I kind of drew a blank, not because there isn’t anyone, more that I am powerless to show myself. That is not what I was taught, it is not where I come from. The “harden up” place I come from fuckin sucks and set me up for a life lonely with my pain and anxiety. I want to change that, because it is unhealthy to live like this and if I can change it for me maybe I can change it for those who reach out. I think the most valuable lesson I could share with my fellow men who are struggling is “reach out bro”….dont expect that others will see your hurting, life is challenging for us all at present so dont think that anyone is going to help or support you if you dont ask for help or support. Again, I know this because it is my truth. In closing I just want to say I am not well but I will be. The image is a self portrait that depicts the current mood.

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